a bit about me.....


I started my career at The Guardian before working for agencies and magazines around the world over 23 years (I was even an official Royal Photographer at one point)  I have started sirobinson.co to offer directly to clients my blend of photojournalist and magazine styles of wedding photography.

 I believe very strongly that your wedding should be beautifully photographed without the photography controlling your day. Hence a "magazine editorial / photojournalistic style" for want of a better description running through the day, capturing all the important and special moments, the joy, the celebration and the emotion.

Of course the couple will need to be carefully photographed alone for one or two brief interludes and group shots covered but without detracting from the flow of the day.


Every single finished image will have been very carefully edited in post production to give a light film-like feel with a beautiful depth of colour to daytime images and rich, delicate tones to interior, afternoon and evening shots.

Creating beautiful, striking, often subtle and emotionally charged images is what motivates me more than anything and I just love to capture the shared joy of the wedding day celebration.

Based in London, I have a passion for photographing in the Capital with fully inclusive, tailored packages from £750.


I am also very happy to offer photography much further afield, and abroad.