a bit about me.....


I started photography professionally at The Guardian in 1999 and then began a career in motorsport photography (GP's, World Superbikes, Touring Cars, Power boats etc). Corporate work and product launches around the World for BMW, Honda, Hitachi etc followed and then magazine editorial photography again for publications around the globe. Interior and architectural photography and portraiture followed on. I was even an official Royal Photographer at one point.

Throughout these years I shot weddings - In the early days creativity was somewhat stifled and a wedding seemed to be a very rigid series of set shots - not much fun to shoot! 

However all that has changed and wedding photography is now a place to create art, document interactions and capture these wonderful days of celebration in all their facets.

Creating beautiful , striking, often subtle and emotionally charged images is what motivates me more than anything and I just love to capture the shared joy of the wedding day celebration.

I have shot on pretty much every type of film from Fuji Press print film to Velvia and Provia transparency film including Cibachrome to Technical Pan.


I now shoot mostly on digital with a shooting style and unique post production settings to give a light film-like feel with a good depth of colour to daytime images and rich, delicate tones to afternoon and evening shots.

Just for fun, a few images from the very first wedding I shot