a bit about me.....


After working for agencies and magazines around the world over 23 years (I was even an official Royal Photographer at one point)  I have started sirobinson.co to offer a more editorial style wedding photography directly to couples either in the UK or at destination weddings.

Editorial Style?  - think of it as somewhat like your own private magazine shoot.

Although much of the day will, of course, need to be covered in a more photojournalistic style due to time and other factors as much as possible will be shot in my signature editorial style and every single finished image will be edited in post production with my unique colour grades.

 Wedding photography is a place to create art, document interactions and capture these wonderful days of celebration in all their facets.

Creating beautiful, striking, often subtle and emotionally charged images is what motivates me more than anything and I just love to capture the shared joy of the wedding day celebration.

Whilst I have shot on pretty much every type of film (mainly transparency) I now shoot mostly on digital with a shooting style and unique post production settings to give a light film-like feel with a beautiful depth of colour to daytime images and rich, delicate tones to afternoon and evening shots.


My photography is there to tell a story; your wedding day story, as the day unfolds. 

I learnt photography in the unforgiving worlds of journalism and advertising, working for agencies and magazines around the world. 

To be at the top of the game you need to produce a complete collection of narrative, informative, artistic and powerful images each and every time, whether in the intense heat of Malaysia or Dubai, the cold of Norway, or a rainy day in Scotland.

Whatever the weather on your wedding day (and hopefully it will be glorious sunshine) there will be no excuses for not getting the best possible results.


 You just enjoy your day and I'll capture it - the location, the guests, the emotional moments and loving expressions and if you want to gather friends and family around you for group shots great, but let's have some fun doing it and capture everyone sharing their delight at being there.

Portraits of the couple, whilst carefully observed, take place in a few short windows of opportunity over the course of the day without detracting from the flow of your celebration.

On a technical but very important note and something I personally believe is critical when selecting a photographer you entrust with capturing your memories:-

I shoot on 2 Canon flagship cameras each saving to dual industry leading storage cards.

I also have another back up camera.

I use Canon professional L series lenses

All finished images are archived on three separate hard drives and an external server. 

Just for fun, a few images from the very first wedding I shot